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  • Apart from the use of visualinear tablature, the two most important features of this catalog are the fact that you can listen to audio excerpts for every arrangement, and the fact that you can order arrangements individually for only 60 cents each. This catalog is in effect a continuation of Rhythm Guitar, the visualinear tablature manual on rhythmic styles of play on the steel string acoustic guitar. However, these arrangements may also prove to be a valuable learning tool for experienced guitarists who want to develop new skills and new styles of play, but have not read Rhythm Guitar. Beginning/intermediate guitarists will likely find that the contents of this page, and possibly also a careful reading of the visualinear tablature page of this website, will be all they need to begin working with the visualinear tablature scores for these rhythm arrangements.

    The rhythm guitar music catalog given below is divided into 6 principal volumes and 5 secondary volumes, according to the type of music and style of play for each volume. The 6 principal volumes are Noel I and II, Children’s Songs, Traditional American Songs, D. L. Stieg II, and Classical. In the two Noel volumes, complementary rhythm guitar duet arrangements are given, one in flatpick style and the other in fingerstyle, for each of the 24 Christmas carols in the Noel collection. In the four other principal volumes, a total of 24 additional rhythm guitar duets (the Mixed Duets) are given. In the catalog listings given below, individual audio excerpts are given for each of these complementary duet arrangements, to better allow for hearing what each arrangement sounds like. In the audio excerpts, the guitar ensemble music is sounded by various other instruments, to better allow for hearing the rhythm guitar arrangement.

    The five secondary volumes are the flatpick and fingerstyle scores for the Noel duets, the flatpick and fingerstyle scores for the Mixed Duets, and the scores for a compilation called the Rhythm Sampler. Of the 24 selections included in the Rhythm Sampler, 17 are rhythm guitar duets, and 7 are rhythm guitar trios from the D. L. Stieg II volume, for a total of 55 arrangements. The audio excerpts from the CDs for these secondary volumes can be accessed by clicking on the speaker icons beside the volume titles in the catalog listings. This is a matter of some importance, because these three CDs (Noel Duets, Mixed Duets, and Rhythm Sampler), together with the CD for the D. L. Stieg II volume, are the only CDs available for purchase. These four CDs do include, however, 120 of the 160 arrangements contained in the catalog.

    Although many people may prefer to play along with a CD, the CDs are not required to learn to play the rhythm arrangements contained in this catalog. The audio excerpts given below, together with the PDF scores for these arrangements, are all that is needed to learn to play the arrangements correctly. Once you have learned an arrangement and perfected the ability to play it, you have several choices. You can play along with the CD, unless the arrangement is one of the 40 arrangements not included on a CD. Or you can play along with the MIDI soundtrack of the corresponding guitar ensemble arrangement, given on the guitar ensemble music page of this website. Or you can play along with the e-score of the corresponding guitar ensemble arrangement. Or you can play the arrangement as a solo instrumental piece, or as an accompaniment for singing. Or you can use the arrangement as the basis for an entirely new song or musical arrangement. In making any of these choices, you will move forward in your development as a guitarist and as a musician, and you will enjoy the benefit of having learned, and perfected the ability to play, a musically sensible rhythm guitar arrangement.

    The main component of a PDF score is the visualinear tablature score, which is an exact note-for-note transcription of the recorded rhythm guitar arrangement. The PDF scores also include Study Notes, which contain a brief analysis of the arrangement and tips on how best to go about learning to play it, and a Chord Chart of the music. All PDF score purchases are delivered together with the Quick Guide, in which the three components of the PDF score format are explained in some detail. You may use any or all of the links provided below to learn more about the PDF score format.

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    • Click here to view the complete PDF scores, including Chord Charts and Study Notes, for the flatpick and fingerstyle arrangements for “America (God Save The Queen)”
    • Click here to listen to the duet CD track for “America (God Save The Queen)”

    In the catalog listings given below, the Add to Cart buttons beside individual arrangements allow for ordering individual PDF scores at a cost of only 60 cents each. The PDF scores can also be purchased by the volume at a reduced cost per arrangement, especially for the D. L. Stieg II and Rhythm Sampler volumes. The corresponding guitar ensemble e-scores, which together with the PDF scores create a fascinating and productive learning environment, can also be ordered by the volume. If you order a CD, it will be delivered by e-mail in the form of a zip file containing MP3s for the various CD tracks, and you will need a CD playlist. Click here to download the CD playlists.

    The fact that arrangements can be ordered individually means that you can economically focus your efforts on music you like and are motivated to learn. You can probably select which arrangements you are most interested in by simply browsing the catalog and listening to the audio excerpts. Experienced guitarists should be able to tell from the audio excerpts alone which arrangements are well matched to their individual playing skills. However, in addition to a speaker icon and an Add to Cart button, the catalog listing for each arrangement also includes several categories of information that may also prove helpful in selecting arrangements. Click here to view a more detailed account of the categories of information in the catalog listings. You can even choose individual arrangements based on a comprehensive Index that contains 712 references to individual arrangements, distributed over 52 categories of information. Click here to download the Index of the catalog.

    The CDs for this catalog of music present a unique opportunity for learning that may be of interest to experienced steel string acoustic guitarists. Together with some of the categories of information in the catalog listings, the CDs allow for developing the important skill of figuring out rhythm guitar arrangements from recordings. The CDs provide an unusually friendly environment for working on this skill, because the rhythm arrangements are relatively easy to hear, especially compared to popular recordings, on which the overlaying of other instruments and voices often renders the rhythm guitar arrangement barely audible. If you choose to learn to play arrangements in this fashion, you can order individual PDF scores for any arrangements you want to learn, but cannot figure out from the recording.

    Rhythm Guitar Music Catalog

    You can advance the catalog to a particular volume by clicking on one of the links provided below. You can read the Introduction to any of the volumes by clicking on the corresponding volume title in red in the Catalog listings. You can review audio excerpts from the Noel Duets, Mixed Duets, and Rhythm Sampler CDs by clicking on the audio icons beside the corresponding volume titles in the Catalog listings.

    1. Noel I
    2. Noel II
    3. Noel (duets)
    4. Children’s Songs
    5. Traditional American Songs
    6. D. L. Stieg II
    7. Classical
    8. Mixed Duets
    9. Rhythm Sampler

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